Rainbow Reading: March 20

Bite-sized reviews of the LGBTQ books I’ve read in the past week. All titles are linked to their Goodreads page.

Between March 13th and 19th, I read:

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ARC Review: Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating SimulatorI received a copy of Dream Daddy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a graphic novel based on the characters from the Dream Daddy visual novel video game. It brings together a large collection of artists and illustrators to explore new stories and provide more backstory. In other words, this is based on the game but is not  simply the game in graphic novel form.

I haven’t played the game personally, although I’ve heard a lot about it from people who have; I had a vague idea of who most of the characters were, but I didn’t really know any specifics. I think greater familiarity with the characters would have increased my enjoyment of this comic, although it works fine as a standalone; I wasn’t left scratching my head about character relationships or how so-and-so knew each other.

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ARC Review: She/He/They/Me

She/He/They/Me: For the Sisters, Misters, and Binary ResistersI received a copy of She/He/They/Me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

She/He/They/Me by Robyn Ryle is a fascinating addition to the gender studies oeuvre. It explores how gender is viewed across times and cultures; how gendered expectations are passed down; how gender intersects with race, sexual orientation, medical care, and the workforce; and more.

And, most interesting of all, it does all that in the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure book. There are some brief preliminary paths to explore cultures that recognize more or fewer genders than the “big two” and cultures where gender is not assigned at birth, but the main adventure starts with your birth into the typical US culture.

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