Best of Rainbow Reading 2017

My favorite of the LGBTQ books I read this year, organized into three categories: favorites by LGBTQ identity, favorites by genre, and honorable mentions.

This was tough! I read 383 LGBTQ books this year and so many of them were good ones. Although if anyone has any good recommendations with lesbian characters let me know… that was the one category I had trouble picking a winner for due to a lack of favorites rather than a glut of them.

I didn’t repeat any titles across the lists and I also limited it to just one title per author. And finally… these lists are based on my personal enjoyment of the book – not necessarily the book’s literary quality or critical merit. Without further ado… my favorite LGBTQ books of 2017!

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When I was five, I had a pair of red flannel pajamas. A shirt and pants set.

Kindergarten had dress-up days. Crazy hat day, pajama day, that kind of thing.

My parents didn’t want me to wear my red flannel pajamas on pajama day because they were boys’ pajamas.

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Coming Out at Work?

I came out to a coworker yesterday. I used the word “queer” to talk about myself, out loud, for the first time ever. It came up organically in a really good conversation and her reaction was completely perfect. She took it completely in stride, no surprise, no judgement, and – most importantly for me – no questions.

I am an extremely private person. I am more or less neurotically private. My coworker knows that; everyone knows that. And so she talked about how good it is that people are finding the words that describe themselves without pressing about what my words are. I didn’t have to go into detail. I find it hard to come right out and say anything more specific, because my specific identities are not well-known and the idea of having to explain myself, or even worse, justify myself, is nightmarish to me.

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