Rainbow Reading: October 18

My thoughts on the LGBTQ books I’ve read in the past week. All titles are linked to their Goodreads page.

Between October 11th and 17th, I read:

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I bought a binder in early August and have been working up the nerve to start wearing it. I’ve only told three people that I’m nonbinary (my two friends and my brother). I want to be out at work without actually having to come out or talk to anyone about it.

I’ve already made changes to my hair and wardrobe over the last 12 to 18 months without explaining anything or attempting to justify myself. I kind of want to continue in that same vein, by wearing the binder and just not saying anything about it.

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My last semester of grad school started this week. I’m taking online classes and we had to post introductions and in mine I said “Hi, my name is (name). I use they/them pronouns.”

That is, strictly speaking, not entirely true. I would like to use they/them pronouns but I am still not comfortable doing so “in real life”. So these classes will be the first time I have introduced myself with those pronouns.

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Who Are You?

Image result for who are you a kid's guideOur Children’s librarian has been actively adding LGBTQ picture books to our collection. One of the recent purchases, which I saw for the first time the other day, really struck a chord with me: Who Are You?: The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity.

On the one hand, I thought it was fantastic. It presents gender identity and gender diversity in very clear, child-friendly ways. It talks about physical sex versus internal sense of gender versus gender presentation. It presents all identities as equally valid – cis, trans, nonbinary. The illustrations are engaging.

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