Royal Rescue

In 2016, I wrote a post about how many books I read and how few I could see myself in – how few have asexual or nonbinary characters. A commentator asked, “Do you write? They say if you can’t find the book you want, it’s up to you to write it!”

Well, I wrote it…

And I am extremely excited to announce that I signed a publishing contract with NineStar Press for it!

Here’s the submission blurb for my queer, ace-focused fantasy novel, tentatively titled Royal Rescue:

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There has been some nasty discourse lately about how nonbinary people aren’t trans. The “logic” behind that has been mainly that nonbinary people don’t transition – and when it’s pointed out that many nonbinary people do, in fact, socially and/or medically transition, the argument then becomes that nonbinary people aren’t “really” transitioning because they are not transitioning to the so-called opposite sex.

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A Nonbinary Life in Pictures

Inspired by this post about a nonbinary person’s history of gender expression

I thought this would be a fitting topic for Transgender Day of Visibility: making myself visible on this blog with some pictures of myself through the years.

I’ve been gender nonconforming for essentially my entire life, often because I didn’t really understand what was expected of me, and I didn’t really grasp the concept of things being “for boys” or “for girls”. To me, they were just things.

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