Themed Recommendations: Soccer

With the 2018 World Cup final slated for this Sunday, this seemed like a good time to combine my love of soccer with my love of LGBTQ books and recommend some queer soccer reads!

  1. Coming Out to Play by Robbie Rogers with Eric Marcus (2014)

Coming Out to Play

Coming Out to Play is a memoir by Robbie Rogers, who was the first openly gay man to play in Major League Soccer. He came out in 2013 and I remember reading his statement over and over about how hard it was to hide and how he was free now that his secret was gone. Rogers stepped away from soccer after he came out, but he returned to the sport and played with the LA Galaxy until retiring due to injuries. His memoir is an interesting look at playing soccer at a high level, going abroad to play, navigating being a closeted player, and more.

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Out at Work Update

In December, I requested the use of they/them pronouns and gender-neutral language at my job, although for various reasons I kept using my legal name.

Initial results were decidedly mixed. Two or three people were trying but mostly failing, most seemed unable to remember my request at all, and one was right on the edge of actively hostile (deliberately using lots of gendered language, which was not their typical style, then saying I was “making a statement”, and then saying they were “in linguistic hell”).

Six months later, most people still can’t remember the right pronouns, but three or four are using them consistently. The hostile person is less actively hostile but is still using the wrong pronouns and gendered language.

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