Pride at Work

I work at a public library. We’ve had Pride Month book displays up in the Young Adult area and the Children’s Room all month but nothing in the main adult section.

We had one last year, with a flag and everything, and we got a couple really nasty comments about it.

I’ve spent the past two weeks wanting to put up another one. I made lists of books to pull for it, I planned out how I would set it up, but I didn’t want to ask if I could (I am not out at work). I kept hoping someone would take the initiative and then I could quietly add more books to it, like I did to the YA display.

On Tuesday I put a few of our newer LGBTQ books up around our quote board on the circulation desk. Today two different people picked up those books and so I mentioned to my coworker that I wanted to do a bigger display and told her what I wanted to do (set up a table, make a sign). She said I should. So I asked our director if I could put up a Pride display and she said, “Oh, yeah, of course. Go for it.”

So I did. When I set up the table my coworker said it was bigger than she thought and asked if I was going to take some books from the YA display. I said no, there were enough adult ones.

She didn’t believe me until I brought back enough fiction and nonfiction to fill the table to overflowing.

LGBTQ books are out there if you know where to look for them!

A whole bunch of people browsed my display, read the sign, picked the books up…

It made me happy.


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