TBR Acrostic: Belated

I read 52 books in December and my TBR…went up by 32, from 237 titles on December 1st to 269 titles on January 1st. So much for the downward trend! And despite reading a grand total of 603 books in 2020, my January 2021 TBR has 52 more books than my January 2020 one.

At least I know I’ll never run out of things to read!

I featured eight titles on last month’s acrostic and I read three of them (Sharks in the Time of Saviors, Rise of Heroes, Transcendent 2) in December, as well as another (The Enigma Game) in the time that’s elapsed since I’ve gotten around to putting this post up.

And since I’m only remembering to do this post halfway through the month, I’ve picked BELATED as my acrostic for January!

So, what’s on the list?

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Best of Rainbow Reading 2020

It’s time to look back at 2020 and highlight my favorite LGBTQ reads of the year! I read a total of 332 LGBTQ books and I enjoyed the vast majority of them, which made narrowing down my favorites a struggle (as evidenced by the sheer number of books in this post).

I changed up the format a bit this year, but as always, these selections are based on my personal enjoyment of the books, not necessarily their literary quality or critical merit.

Without further ado…here are my favorite LGBTQ reads of 2020!

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TBR Acrostic: Serenity

I read 49 books in November and my TBR…went down (!) by 14, from 251 titles on November 1st to 237 titles on December 1st. The second consecutive month with a decrease! Although I think that’s more due to the fact I’ve been adding fewer titles than usual… Some months I’ve added upwards of 50 books to the list, and this month I added a mere 26.

Anyway! Last month’s acrostic featured nine titles and I read nearly half of them, aka four (Ignite the Stars, Beetle & the Hollowbones, Apple: Skin to the Core, and The Time of Green Magic); I also DNF’d one, which ended up being a bit more academic than I was expecting/able to focus on, and have another one on hold. So not bad at all really.

For this month’s acrostic, I chose SERENITY because that’s something everyone could use right now, especially with the stress of the holiday season ratcheting up. For me personally, December is the absolute least relaxing month of the year in general, and this year has raised my baseline stress levels a lot, which isn’t exactly helping.

So, what’s on the list?

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